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General fees

Pre-travel consultation and vaccination (14 years old and over): $25 *
Pre-travel consultation and vaccination (under 14 years old): $15 *
Post-travel consultation: no charge
Students (first visit): 35$
Medical forms: 25$ + fees to doctor 60 to 100$, according to the length of the form
Duplicate of documents (vaccination record, certificate of vaccination against yellow fever): $5

* These fees are paid each visit and include the vaccination record and updates for basic vaccination.

List of vaccines

These fees are subject to change. The following methods of payment are accepted: cash, Interact, Visa, Mastercard. Fees for medical forms are payable in cash only.

Some private insurance coverage reimburses the fees in whole or in part; ask your insurance company and mention the DIN for the vaccine (accessible by clicking on the name of the vaccine).