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Pre-travel consultations

Doctors and nurses at the Travel Health Clinic at CISSS Montérégie-Centre are specialized in assessing risks related to your medical condition and your destination, such as the length of the trip, the regions visited, and types of activities planned (resort, adventure, work, etc.)

They will be able to advise you about preventive measures to take to make your trip as safe as possible. These may include:

Vaccination (List of available vaccines)

Counselling related to topics such as:

Medical prescriptions, including:

Post-travel consultations

Have you returned from a trip with some unusual symptoms? Doctors at the Travel Health Clinic can do the initial evaluation of post-travel diseases, and will be able to see you promptly, free of charge. The clinic also has service agreements with centers specialized in tropical medicine for more complex cases.

Other services

Special meetings for groups of travellers

Information and vaccination meetings specially adapted for groups of travellers can be set up; simply make a request beforehand.

Screening for tuberculosis

Patients for whom screening for tuberculosis (skin test or PPD) was shown to be positive and who do not have an attending physician may obtain a referral from the doctors in our clinic to consult a specialist.

Vaccination campaign against seasonal flu (influenza)

The clinic participates actively in annual vaccination campaigns against seasonal influenza. Any of our clients who meet the criteria for free vaccination will be offered the vaccine during their pre-travel consultation. Vaccination is also available to those who wish to receive it, for a fee.

Vaccination of immunocompromised patients

Nurses and doctors are skilled in adjusting vaccination schedules for persons whose immune system is weakened, either by a medical condition (cancer, leukemia, malignant lymphoma, AIDS, etc.) or as a result of treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunomodulatory agents, etc.)

Vaccination of health-system trainees and certain workers

The clinic also offers a vaccination service for this clientele through local and regional agreements.

Refugees' Clinic

Since 2013, the clinic offers a consultation service to arriving refugees on referral from the MIRS (Maison Internationale de la Rive-Sud). The goal of these consultations is to evaluate the health and well-being of refugees upon their arrival in Quebec, to facilitate their integration and their access to appropriate health and social services.